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Who is Cliff Bilyea?
A senior leader and a business and not-for-profit consultant with acclaimed expertise in a variety of organizational settings. Cliff is a visionary who is experienced in team-building, organizational change, and small business management. Cliff is also a high energy, enthusiastic leader/facilitator who achieves sustainable results by helping organizations envision their future, clarify their missions and values, identify strategic issues, and then develop concensus and commitment to realistic and attainable action plans.

An entrepreneur at heart
Cliff has an MBA from McMaster University and has over 25 years of management leadership experience in the manufacturing, insurance, college, university and professional consulting environments. He has successfully provided visionary leadership and built team consensus, while managing a $12 million budget.

A master business planner
As a small business owner, consultant, teacher, author and member of several small business advisory boards, Cliff has prepared and evaluated countless business plans. His most recent co-authored book, Small Business, An Entrepeneur's Plan (1999 Dryden Press) is used at a number of universities and colleges.

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